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   Paul's Story  

My only symptom was a dry hacking cough and general malaise.  When I saw my PCP about this problem he told me I had a heart murmur that he had not noticed before and he didn't like it.

When I asked what that meant, he asked me which emergency room I wished to go to. What a shock. I said Banner Thunderbird.

During my ED stay I was seen by Dr. Anthony Sandaval and he told me that my aortic valve was probably malfunctioning. He ordered an echo cardiogram to confirm his diagnosis and a CAT Scan to check for possible other abnormalities.

The echo confirmed the aortic valve problem and three coronary artery blockages were found with the CAT Scan. A heart catherization procedure was scheduled for the next morning. With this test the aortic aneurysm was found in the aortic neck just above the heart.I had open-heart surgery the following morning on Sept. 14, 2006 headed by Dr. Merick Kirshner. I spent the next two weeks on 3A recovering and returned to limited duty work on Nov. 20, 2006.

The care and effort demonstrated by the physicians and staff was outstanding.This is not an experience I would like to undergo again - it was very unpleasant, but the people at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center made it tolerable and were instrumental in my quick and total recovery.  By the way, I work at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in the Laboratory and we are awesome.

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