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Take a moment to share your story of healing at Banner Health with others. It's a way to inspire others and thank those medical professionals who cared for you during your visit.

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   Jasmine's Story 

On Feb. 0, 2012, I went into the hospital with contractions and was 3cm dilated.

I went in and had my mind set on a natural delivery. All the nurses were supportive and never was pain med ever brought up to get some relief. I was offered a birthing ball, a warm shower, and even to walk around. I was happy with my nurses.

Unfortunately, my labor stalled and I was sent home. Then, on Feb.15, 2012, I went back, but this time it was for sure I was going to have my son. My water had broken.

This time I decided on getting an epidural and when I requested it, the anesthesiologist was there within 5 minutes and gave me my relief. At last, it was time to push and it was the best delivery I could imagine for an 8lbs 10oz baby boy.

I got immediate contact with my son, he was there with me at all times and I got to treasure those first moments. It was perfect. I would love to thank the staff at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix for making this delivery one that I dreamed about. Thank you.

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