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Take a moment to share your story of healing at Banner Health with others. It's a way to inspire others and thank those medical professionals who cared for you during your visit.

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   Josh's Story 

On April 29, my pregnant wife and I came to Banner Desert for stomach cramps and vomiting. After a few hours in triage, we were admitted to antepartum. My wife was in incredible pain as she was going into labor with an infected womb and a stitched cervix.

I had to sit there and watch her helplessly go through this pain. Britta was our nurse that night and she was in our room constantly trying to ease my wife's pain. She would rub her back or lotion her belly. Finally my wife's water broke. My wife and I were crying because we knew this would result in the loss of our baby boy Fenway.

As we were sharing this emotional moment, Britta came in and cried with us. It was a sad moment, but amazing to see the caring she had for us and our situation.

We were then transferred to labor and delivery where we knew we were going to give birth to our baby boy with no chance of his survival. Cheryl was our nurse and her communication and caring helped turn the experience from what was my worst nightmare into a magical moment where we got to hold our child and feel his love.

Three hours after giving birth, my wife's heart stopped after an ambiotic embollism. The staff did an amazing job of bringing her back in four minutes and stabilizing her.

Clergy came in to stay with us as we awaited her condition. It was so nice to just talk to someone about my wife and her story to take my mind off of what was possible.

My wife was on a ventillator and in a chemically induced coma when I finally got to see her. The nurses in the ICU took such great care of my wife and talked me through all of my concerns. I know how stressful their jobs in the ICU must be, but they all took the time out to make sure I was comfortable and made me feel like I was playing a part in my wife's care. Jen, Jess, Kate, Audrey, Margie and Laura took pride in improving my wife hour by hour.

Throughout the six days of being in the ICU, I felt like a VIP there: From the unit manager Earl telling me the story of his loss and trying to comfort me to Tim the respitory therapist who gave me the inspirational story of how he stood in my shoes 30 years ago and it changed his life.
She finally got off the ventillator and we were out of the ICU. The next problem that came up was that she did not remember losing our baby boy Fenway. The nurses and staff were so respectful of trying to shield her from this news as we knew she would not remember it from day to day.

When my wife finally found out about the baby, we were so fortunate to have Kari as our nurse in progressive care. She had a similar story and was there with us answering questions and helping us through it. She did not remember it the next day as I had feared, but I knew we could get through it because of the amazing people at Banner Desert.

Suzanne was our bereavement nurse, and when my wife had finallly realized what had happened, her guidance in our grief process was amazing.

Cheryl would visit us daily to check in on us and Suzanne gave us her number so we could call her anytime, it was unbelievable support in a time when we needed it most.

My wife's favorite nurse (no offense, but it is because she's the only one my wife can remember) was Jessica. Jessica had us the first night out of the ICU and knew our story. What amazed me about Jessica was how much she felt for our situation.

A few nights later, she pulled me aside and told me she went home after her first shift with us and was worried about whether we would be able to have children after all this. I was floored that someone would care that much or could be that amazing.

We are at home now trying to get my wife better and I needed to let everyone at Banner Desert know what they have done for us. I am sure I have forgotten some people, but I did live at the hospital for two  weeks. I don't think I will ever go to another hospital for any reason. I would like to thank whoever hires for Banner Desert as they have found a way to fit so many amazing people into one building.

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