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   Lisa's Story 

My son, Ryan was born at 36 weeks, weighing in at just 5lbs 9oz.

He couldn't keep his temperature, wasn't eating and started losing weight. Because of this, they used a feeding gavage and it was then that they found he was born with a cleft of his soft palate. 

Ryan spent a total of five days in (Banner Gateway Medical Center)  learning how to suck, swallow, breathe and do it all within 30 minutes.

Ryan's journey had only begun, we spent many months feeding him with the special nipples, constantly wiping food from his nose, keeping him propped up and making sure he didn't get sick because being a cleft baby, he was prone to ear infections.

At 13 months old, we took Ryan to Cardon's Childrens Medical Center,l where Dr. Goldstein repaired his palate, creating a uvula for him. Ryan spent a night at the hospital and again, the staff was amazing!

After his stitches finally dissolved and he could eat normally, he was like a different baby. Food no longer spilled out of his nose, his voice had changed and he could use a sippy cup!

Ryan is now a very healthy, happy 3 year old. He's in speech therapy and doing very well and has recently had surgery to put tubes in his ears due to those ear infections.

Ryan's journey is that of a very strong and brave little boy and I hope his story can help other parents out there dealing with cleft lip/palate.

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