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As Banner Health continue our innovation phase, the people, processes and technology in telehealth are being leveraged to improve patient care and support the rapid changes within the health care environment.

What does a continuous telehealth program do?

Regardless of patient location, the telehealth team:

  • Responds to requests for help from bedside care teams
  • Monitors for adverse trends and intervenes before adverse trends become adverse outcomes
  • Monitors and supports "best practice" compliance
  • Measures clinical outcomes

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This is accomplished through the delivery of specialized care in the fields of, but not limited to:

TeleICU is staffed by critical care physicians (intensivists), acute care nurse practitioners and nurses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Two-way audio video in every patient room allows the TeleICU team to communicate real-time with the patient, family or the bedside care team.

Whether responding to codes, mentoring new staff, assessing clinical conditions or having a crucial conversation with the family, the TeleICU team is available with the push of a button. Timely response and working in partnership with the bedside team to augment the plan of care, often results in shorter hospital stays with fewer complications for the patient.

Expert nurses work in the TeleAcute Remote Operations Center 24-hours a day, tracking patient vital signs and test results and alerting staff to potential complications before they become more serious. The team can identify immediate patient needs, provide support to nurses in the patient room, assist with admission and discharge processes, answer patient and family requests, and provide patient education.
Patients benefit from early intervention for such symptoms as elevated blood pressure, irregular heart rates and poor oxygen saturation, thanks to the technology and 24-hour monitoring by TeleAcute care providers. TeleAcute uses a two-way, audiovisual communication system that allows TeleAcute care providers to see and speak directly with the patient in a room. Patients can see and hear the nurse on a monitor located across from their beds. 

Banner Health's TeleBehavioral Health program allows Emergency department patients with behavioral health issues to “see” a behavioral health provider via a secured video link. Using TeleBehavioral Health, an Emergency physician can request a consult from a behavioral health provider. When the secure video link is established, the behavioral health provider works with the physician to assess the patient and create a treatment plan.

The TeleBehavioral Health program addresses a national shortage of behavioral health services. It also streamlines Emergency department care and means that patients don't have to wait for transfers or pay for ambulance transport.

Our other Telehealth services include: 

  • TeleConsult
  • TeleHome Health
  • TeleNeuro
  • TelePostAcute
  • TeleSNF (Skilled Nursing Facility)
  • TeleWound Care

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