Robert Thunberg

Chief Executive Officer

Banner Surgery Centers

Robert Thunberg has served as CEO of Banner Surgery Centers since 2012. 

Thunberg previously was administrator of Banner Desert Surgery Center, where he was responsible for developing new service lines, fostering physician partnerships, maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and supporting an array of sales and marketing activities to promote the center. While there, he also provided operational support for a $2.8 million facility renovation. 

Prior to joining Banner, Thunberg’s leadership positions in the surgical field included: regional director of United Surgical Partners International, Inc., administrator at BMJ Medical Management, Inc., and managing director/co-owner of Warner Medical Park Outpatient Surgery, Inc.

In addition to health care, Thunberg has worked in the technology, marketing and communications fields, having been regional vice president of Shared Technologies, Inc. and general manager at Johnson Controls, Inc., among other positions.