Uterine Cancer Risk Factors

Risk factors for uterine cancer include:

  • Weight: Obesity is a strong risk factor for endometrial cancer.
  • Genetics: Women with a family history of colorectal and/or endometrial cancer may have Lynch Syndrome, or Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Syndrome, which significantly increases the risk of endometrial cancer. Inherited genes associated with Lynch Syndrome account for five percent of endometrial cancer cases.
  • Tamoxifen: Women who take tamoxifen are at an increased risk.
  • Infertility: Women who have a history of infertility or polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are at increased risk.
  • Diabetes: Women with diabetes are at higher risk.

Reducing Your Risk

Although most cases cannot be prevented, there are certain things a woman can do to lower her risks of developing endometrial cancer:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Talk to a physician about ways to regulate irregular menstrual periods
  • Participating in prevention or early detection research studies

See a physician immediately if you experience any post-menopausal or irregular bleeding.