Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Treatment

At Banner MD Anderson, our lung cancer specialists will focus their extraordinary expertise on you. We customize your treatment to deliver the most advanced, least invasive treatments available for lung cancer. And because your peace of mind is important to us, we specialize in techniques and therapies than can help preserve lung function.

Your doctor will discuss the best options to treat it based on your molecular make up of your cancer. For example, EGFR mutations or ALK translocation. This depends on several factors, including:

  • The stage and type of lung cancer
  • Other lung problems, such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis
  • Possible side effects of treatment
  • Your general health

Your treatment for lung cancer will be customized to your particular needs. It may include one or more of the following therapies to treat the cancer or help relieve symptoms.

Your lung cancer therapy may include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapies
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Radiation
  • Minimally invasive operations
  • Clinical trials (Studies)

And we’re constantly researching newer, safer, more-effective lung cancer treatments – with fewer side effects. 

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