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Bariatric Surgery Can Change Your Life, Not Just Your Weight

Life changes with bariatric surgery You already know that bariatric surgery is the first step to dramatic weight loss. Youshould also be aware that your life will change in almost every other way:

• What and when you eat will have to change – forever.

• Because staying healthy depends on exercise as well as healthy eating, you’ll have to learn and commit to regular exercise.

• Your body will look and feel different, and you will have to adjust to it.

• You may feel confused for a while about your self-image and role.

Losing weight with bariatric surgery is a lifetime investment. An investment that is well worth the commitment. Weight loss will make you healthier. It can also give you the confidence of having overcome a major obstacle in your life.

Making a commitment
1 – See your primary care physician
Your primary care physician will continue to care for you and provide support after your surgery, so he or she needs to know that you are planning to have bariatric surgery. In fact, we may require a written referral from your primary care physician and a letter of support before we can schedule an appointment for you. We will keep your physician informed of your progress so that he or she will have information and resources necessary to give you the best care after your surgery. We may need a copy of your medical records prior to a consult with a bariatric surgeon.

2 – Talk to your insurance provider
Most insurance providers cover at least some of the costs of bariatric surgery. If you have questions about payment or have no insurance, call us. Our telephone number at the Bariatric Center is (480) 543-2606.

3 – Attend a Bariatric Information Session
These sessions are available four to six times a month. Please look at the website for a list of the times and dates of these sessions.

4 – Make an appointment with our team
You will meet with one of our bariatric surgeons to decide what kind of surgery would be best for you. Before and following your surgery, you’ll also meet with other members of the bariatric team:

• A psychologist, who will help you understand and deal with a changing self-image and emotional changes that frequently follow this type of surgery. We will assist in coordinating a psychological evaluation for your readiness for bariatric surgery.

• A registered dietitian, who will help you learn what, when and how to eat.

• An exercise specialist, who will work with you to gradually develop an exercise plan that you can live with.

• A Medical Assistant, who will be able to provide clinical support to you and assist in answering your questions and concerns.

We’re always here for support
Change can be difficult. That’s why Banner Gateway Bariatric Weight Loss Center provides lifelong support for our weight-loss surgery patients. You are welcome to attend our free support groups both before and after your surgery.

For more information visit our website at or contact theBanner Gateway Weight Loss Center by email at or by phone at (480) 543-2606

2018 Bariatric Information Sessions
Presented by: Dr. David Podkameni, Dr. Al Chen, Dr. Emil Graf & Dr. Joseph Heller

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