Colorado Employee Wellness Programs

Ft. Collins Medical Center, McKee Medical Center and North Colorado Medical Center

Note: For information regarding the Rise and Shine Employee Wellness Program in Sterling and Brush, visit the Employee Center located on Banner's employee website.

Employees Choosing Healthy Options (ECHO)

ECHO is a comprehensive wellness program designed for all Banner Health employees. While on your Journey at Banner Health, ECHO is here to encourage and support you in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. ECHO can help you understand your individual health risks, find resources to minimize your risks and provide information that empowers you to make wise decisions about your personal wellness.

Eligibility and Enrollment

All full-time, part-time, PRN, and per diem Banner Health employees are eligible for ECHO Employee Wellness benefits. No enrollment necessary.


  • Blood Screening*
  • Exercise Programs*
  • Gym Discounts
  • Lunch N Learns*
  • Mindfulness
  • Tobacco Cessation*
  • Weight Management Programs*
  • Wellness Challenges

Costs are associated with some services; contact ECHO for details.

Note: * Indicates community members, volunteers, contract, registry and temporary employees are eligible for these ECHO Employee Wellness benefits.

Blood Screening *

You may purchase a variety of discounted blood screenings through ECHO Wellness. For more information, please call (980) 649 - 1427.

Exercise Programs *

We offer group classes and education such as Boot Camp and Yoga. Classes are taught by ECHO staff with Exercise Science (or related) degrees and additional certifications.

  • Employees call (800) 649 - 1427
  • Non-Employees, call Community Wellness:
    • North Colorado Medical Center: (970) 810-6633
    • McKee Medical Center: (970) 820-6074

Lunch N Learns 

These free 20-30 minute sessions are geared toward education on a variety of health and wellness topics such as: flu prevention, exercise, nutrition, disease prevention and stress management. Sessions are facilitated by ECHO professionals.

  • Registration is not required to attend.


The practice of Mindfulness quiets the mind and brings you into the present moment. It helps to move you out of the past and keeps you from drifting into the future, while fostering a state of relaxation and stress reduction.

Below is a Mindfulness audio presentation presented by one of ECHO's Certified Hypnotherapist, Carol-Ann Henritze

Tobacco Cessation*

  • Contact your state tobacco cessation program at (800) 784-8669. (QUIT- NOW)

Weight Management Programs

  • Metabolism Screenings
    •  Metabolism screenings calculate the oxygen used by an individual and provides an estimate of the daily calorie requirement for a person at rest (resting metabolic rate). This information is used to determine daily calorie intake for weight gain, maintenance, or loss.
    • Contact ECHO Wellness at (800) 649-1427 for information, or to schedule a metabolism screening.
  • Nutrition Consultations*
    •  An individualized consultation with a dietitian includes: nutritional analysis, goal setting, meal planning, portion control, reading labels, disease management and more. The dietitian will develop a personal nutrition program based on your individual medical condition, nutritional needs, food preferences, and exercise patterns. Follow-up sessions with the dietitian can be scheduled if needed.
    • Employees and non-employees, contact ECHO Wellness at (800) 649-1427 for information, or to schedule a consultation. Download more nutrition information.

Wellness Challenges

Exercise and nutrition challenges that encourage participants to address behaviors such as eating healthier, hydrating properly and exercising/stretching more frequently. Programs can be done individually or on a team.

Periodic wellness challenges promoted through Banner’s internal communication channels (emails, eNews, employee website).

Contact Information

ECHO Wellness Colorado
Phone: (800) 649-1427
Email: Colorado Wellness

Note: Wellness programs offered by ECHO are voluntary and your personal information is always kept confidential.