Our Cancer Experts

At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, patients experience customized, comprehensive and compassionate care with a team of experts who work together to develop a treatment plan based on each patient’s unique needs. Together, they travel hand in hand with our patients through the cancer journey, supporting their unique medical and personal needs every step of the way.

Our physicians have specialized education, training and experience in cancer care and research. They have a disease-specific focus for the medical, surgical, and radiation management of the cancer patient, so they can ensure patients receive treatment from doctors who are experts in their fields. For example, patients with breast cancer are treated by physicians who care for cancers of the breast, and those with colon cancer are treated by physicians who specialize in the care of gastrointestinal cancers. They also work directly with leading oncologists at MD Anderson, and have access to the same standards of care used at the Houston center.

Our experts include:

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center has a team of highly-experienced and nationally recognized physicians leading our efforts to ensure we deliver the best cancer care.

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Our leaders at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center help us to ensure we are delivering an unprecedented level of cancer care patients and their families.

Administrative Leadership

  • Lamont Yoder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Shiva Birdi, MD (interim), Senior Physician Executive and Medical Director

Division Chiefs

  • Chief of Acute Care Medicine - Shiva Birdi, MD
  • Chief of Advanced Practice Nursing and Clinical Integration - Amanda Dean Martin, DNP, CENP, ACNP-BC, RNFA
  • Chief of Clinical Research - Tomislav Dragovich, MD, PhD
  • Chief of Diagnostic Imaging - Phillip Koo, MD
  • Chief of Medical Oncology and Hematology - Tomislav Dragovich, MD, PhD
  • Chief of Radiation Oncology - Mohamed Khan, MD, PhD
  • Chief of Surgical Oncology - Michael Choti, MD, MBA

Regional Oncology Physician Executives

  • Arizona East - Shiva Birdi, MD
  • Arizona Northwest - Phillip Koo, MD
  • Arizona Central - David Paul, MD
  • Northern Colorado - Jeffery Albert, MD
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