Food is an important tool in all stages of cancer. Good nutrition can help prevent certain cancers, provide strength and energy throughout treatment and aid in healing and recovery.

Cancer patients have a set of unique challenges to keep their bodies nourished, which is why Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center has a registered dietitian on staff.

Oncology dietitians specialize in the science of nutrition related to cancer, while focusing on down-to-earth ideas and recommendations to optimize patients' nutrition status.

As part of a multi-disciplinary team, the dietitian works with the patient and family as well as nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers to overcome roadblocks that can delay treatment and impact quality of life.

As a patient of Banner MD Anderson, you can be referred to the dietitian from any member of your healthcare team, or through self-referral. Once a referral is received, the dietitian will follow you throughout treatment, setting follow up meetings on days you're already scheduled to be in the clinic. Throughout the process, the dietitian can help you with:

  • Nutrition education
  • Assessment of needs
  • One on one symptom problem-solving
  • Cancer-fighting recipe ideas
  • Tips on increasing protein and calories
  • Assistance with nutrition support
  • How to deal with side effects

If you would like to request a nutrition consult ask your physician, nurse or your clinical navigator, or call (480) 256-4495.

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