Kaitlin (KT) Smith

KTKT’s Banner journey began just over three years ago as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Banner Baywood. She was on the waiting list for nursing school and began to wonder what she really wanted to do with her life. She took a job in another field, but after only a few months knew that she wanted to return to health care. KT craved the patient interaction and joy that she missed in supporting patients at the bedside and returned to Banner as a Patient Care Assistant. Soon, KT received the long-awaited letter – the acceptance to nursing school! Her PCA role in Banner Staffing Services (BSS) allowed KT the flexibility to float between several facilities while she was in school, and she began taking shifts at Banner Ironwood.

“It was when I came to Banner Ironwood that I knew that this would be where I would start my career as a nurse. Every facility was great, but this just felt like home. Four Banner facilities are closer to my home than Ironwood, but I choose to drive the distance because of what Ironwood offers. While working as a BSS employee, I was always welcomed at Banner Ironwood as if I was their own. Every nurse, every manager, every PCA that I met made me feel welcome and wanted me to feel supported. I new have the privileged of being part of the team on Banner Ironwood’s new Med Surg/Observation unit that opened in November of 2020. I have received immense support thus far in my career and know that the support with continue. In addition to the support from my team, a senior manager will round on the floors daily to make sure we have what we need to be successful that day. That says a lot about a company.”

Kaitlin (KT) Smith, RN
Banner Ironwood Medical Center