Scheduling a Rotation

Cohort Rotation

This is the most common type of student experience. A cohort consists of up to 10 Allied Health or Nursing students along with one instructor that provides supervision. How long a cohort rotation lasts depends on the needs of the school and the availability of the Banner facility and its staff.

All cohort rotations must be requested through mCE. If a school reaches out to you directly please inform your facility student coordinator.

One-on-One Preceptorship

This type of student experience involves the direct supervision of one Allied Health or Nursing student by a designated Banner Clinical Staff Person. How long this experience lasts depends on the needs of the student’s program and the availability of the Preceptor. If a school or student reaches out to you requesting this type of experience please direct the student to your facility student coordinator.

Students are discouraged from cold calling for a preceptor or rotation availability. If you are a student, please contact the clinical faculty at your school who will contact the designated facility student coordinator.

Nurse Practitioner

This type of student experience is an advanced level one-on-one nursing student experience. Students often approach a Banner Clinical staff person directly to request their availability. How long this experience lasts depends on the needs of the student and the availability of the Banner. This type of experience will need to be requested through mCE. Requirements vary per discipline but as a general rule students can do just about everything a licensed professional can do as long as it is done under the supervision of a licensed staff person. Medicare Medicaid guidelines prohibit students from independently performing procedures or documenting in a manner that result in charges to the patient.

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