Wellness Services at Cardon Childrens Medical Center

Wellness with Banner Children's GO KIDS!

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! is a free program for kids and families. It encourages families to have fun, stay active and make healthy choices to improve their kids’ overall wellness. GO KIDS! motivates kids with fun programming, events, informational resources and advice from Banner Children’s experts.

GO KIDS! Member Benefits

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! members receive:

  • Banner Children’s GO KIDS! pack
  • Invitations to participate in GO KIDS! challenges and events for chances to win cool prizes

GO KIDS! Parent Benefits

Banner Children’s GO KIDS! parents receive:

  • GO KIDS! quarterly magazine
  • Banner Children’s eConnect newsletter
  • Health information and resources at the GO KIDS! website

Call (480) 412-3230 for more information on the GO KIDS! program.