Breast Cancer Screening & Tests

Cancer screening exams are medical tests that are performed when a person has no symptoms. Regular cancer screenings, including mammograms, are covered fully by most insurance providers. In addition to screenings, all women should be familiar with their breasts so that they will notice any changes and report them to their doctor without delay. 

The screening recommendations below apply to most women.

Age 25 to 39

  • Clinical breast exam every one-to-three years (A health care provider checks for lumps or other changes.), with the exception for those who would be considered at-risk based on previous screenings or family history

Age 40 and older

  • Clinical breast exam every year
  • Mammogram every year

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center also recommends the following:

  • Having “breast self-awareness”, knowing your breasts and reporting any changes to physicians.
  • If you are age 35 or older, ask your doctor to calculate your breast cancer risk.
  • Consider additional cancer screening if you are at risk.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center offers the full range of screening and diagnostic tools for detecting breast cancer.