Pancreatic Cancer Treatments

Banner MD Anderson uses the latest, most advanced therapies for pancreatic cancer, personalizing your care to ensure the most advanced treatment with the least impact on your body. We offer the latest innovative pancreatic cancer treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapies. Frequently, treatment for pancreatic cancer requires more than one type of therapy. Our physicians have significant expertise in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. We are always exploring new, alternative, and experimental treatment options for our patients. Additionally, there have been recent developments with natural treatments that work well when paired with traditional treatments.

If surgery is possible, our approach to pancreatic cancer usually is to complete chemotherapy and radiation before surgery. This method increases chances the tumor can be removed completely, helps chemotherapy and radiation be more effective, and makes for better recovery.

If you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your doctor will discuss the best options to treat it and customize a treatment approach that best meets your medical needs. This depends on several factors, including the type and stage of the cancer and your general health.

Learn more about the various treatments for pancreatic cancer:


Surgery for pancreatic cancer may be used to help treat the cancer or to help relieve symptoms such as blocked bile ducts or intestine. Learn more about the types of surgery used to treat pancreatic cancer.

Ablative Techniques

These may be used to help treat exocrine pancreatic cancer when a few tumors have spread. They include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) heats and destroys tissue with radio waves
  • Microwave thermotherapy uses microwaves to heat and destroy cancer
  • Cryosurgery or cryoablation freezes tissue to destroy it

Embolization or chemoembolization delivers substances, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, to the blood vessels around the tumor, cutting off the blood supply to the pancreatic cancer.


We offer the most up-to-date and advanced chemotherapy options for pancreatic cancer.

Radiation Therapy

New radiation therapy techniques and remarkable skill allow Banner MD Anderson doctors to target pancreatic cancer tumors more precisely, delivering the maximum amount of radiation with the least damage to healthy cells.

Targeted Therapy

Banner MD Anderson offers targeted therapies for some types of pancreatic cancer. These innovative new drugs stop the growth of cancer cells by interfering with certain proteins and receptors or blood vessels that supply the tumor with what it needs to grow.