Bone Imaging & X-ray

Banner Health offers a full array of bone imaging and x-ray services. Whether it's an x-ray for an injury or a test of your bone density, we are here and ready to help with highly-skilled and compassionate staff, convenient locations and an easy process for scheduling.

Your doctor may prescribe bone imaging to see how strong your bones are. This is important because as we age, our bones can thin and lead to osteoporosis. For women, this can happen after menopause. Regular screening with a test called a DEXA scan will tell us how strong your bones are and can help assess your risks of falls and fractures. Based on this test, your doctor may discuss ways to improve your bone health.

If you should experience a fracture or a broken bone, you'll find our imaging centers nearby. Our convenient hours ensure a timely X-ray so that you are on your way to getting the best care possible.
We are dedicated to supporting you in maintaining strong and healthy bones, which is why we offer both conventional as well as digital x-ray imaging. Our digital x-ray imaging is comfortable and fast, providing detailed image quality to ensure that your doctor has an accurate view for diagnosis or monitoring.
A DEXA bone scan (known as a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry test) is used to measure your bone mineral density to see how strong your bones are. This screening test is common for women over 65. With a DEXA scan your doctor can predict your risk of fractures, similar to the way testing your blood pressure can predict your risk of a heart attack or stroke. If your doctor recommends a DEXA scan, our certified imaging team will work to provide timely results.

To make an accurate diagnosis, your doctor may order an imaging test such as an MRI, CT scan or X-ray. We know that finding timely answers is important. That is why Banner offers several modern imaging centers with comfortable amenities and certified staff to support you.

  • Convenient hours
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  • Acceptance of most insurance plans