Infusion Therapy

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy allows patients to safely receive medication through a catheter, a flexible tube that’s placed in a vein or just under the skin. Typically, “infusion therapy” means that a drug is given intravenously (through a vein), but it can also include fluid replacements, blood transfusions, chemotherapy and antibiotics. It is often prescribed when a patient’s condition is so severe that it can’t be treated effectively by medications taken by mouth.

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When your child is faced with a health issue, we understand how important it is to be close to home and to the people who support you.

Intravenous (IV) administration of medications and nutrition is sometimes necessary in the treatment of many chronic and severe conditions, including blood diseases, cancer, Crohn's disease and multiple sclerosis. It is a safe alternative when medications can't be taken by mouth.

Outpatient Infusion Therapy at Cardon Children’s Medical Center is provided by a team of highly skilled professionals including nurses, physicians and pharmacists. Our nurses have access to a wide variety of educational resources and can help you find the information you need to help your child feel better as quickly as possible.

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