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Health & Safety

Our injury prevention educators and clinical staff provide education to their communities through lectures, events and other health and safety programs. We’ve compiled a list of some of our health and safety programs, with tips to help keep you and your children safe!

Health & Safety Information

Playing in and near the water is part of childhood. But accidental drowning can devastate a family and community.

Learn more about water safety. 

Backpacks are a popular and practical way for children and teenagers to carry schoolbooks and supplies. When used correctly, backpacks can be a good way to carry the necessities of the school day. 

Learn more about backpack safety

Helmets are the most important safety item for bicycle riders. Helmets are a necessity - not an accessory!

Learn more about bike safety.

Every child, no matter what their size, could potentially experience bullying in their life.

Learn more about bullying

Using a safety seat correctly makes a big difference. A child safety seat may not protect your child in a crash if it isn't used correctly and installed in the vehicle properly.

Learn more about car seat safety. 

The safest way to prevent fireworks-related injuries is to leave fireworks displays to trained professionals.

Learn more about fireworks safety. 

It's important to talk to kids about the potential dangers of guns, and what to do if they find one.Even though guns are featured in many television shows, video games, computer games and movies, it's important for your child to know that real guns are dangerous and can hurt or even kill someone.

Learn more about gun safety. 

Halloween is a fun night full of costumes and candy, but is also important to stay safe while trick-or-treating! 

Learn more about Halloween safety. 

Help your children stay safe by learning the steps of safe street crossing and how to play outdoors even with they are around traffic.

Learn more about pedestrian safety. 

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