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What Care Is Available for Me & My Baby After Delivery?

The birth of your baby may be the end of your maternity, but it’s the start of an incredible new journey with your newborn. Your Banner Health team is still with you to support your needs and your baby’s needs with dedicated mother and baby care. This includes help with breastfeeding and giving the first bath.

Sometimes, you might also need specialty care that includes:

What Help Is Available After My Baby Is Born?

We help new moms and babies after delivery in many ways, including:

What if I Need Help Breastfeeding?

We believe breastfeeding is best for most babies. We provide the support you need to succeed. We will: 

  • Bring your baby to you for skin-to-skin contact to prepare for breastfeeding
  • Help you start breastfeeding within the first hour after birth
  • Encourage you to keep your baby in your room during your hospital stay to help you pick up on hunger cues
  • Avoid pacifiers and other artificial nipples during your hospital stay
  • Offer one-on-one support from certified lactation consultants during your hospital stay 
  • Give you a number to call for breastfeeding advice after you go home

We want to protect your first experience breastfeeding your baby. If you deliver by cesarean section, we won’t give your baby a bottle while you’re in recovery after surgery. And we won’t give your baby solids or fluids other than your breast milk (unless it’s medically necessary) while you’re with us. 

If your baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), we’ll provide a hospital-grade electric breast pump so you can still give your baby the benefits of your breast milk.

What’s Swaddle Bathing?

Banner Health has adopted a new way to bathe newborns in the hospital that’s more relaxing and builds your family’s bond. It’s called a swaddle bath. We start swaddle bathing 6 to 24 hours after delivery so you can participate after recovery.

You swaddle bathe in your hospital room in a flat-bottom tub that’s filled with very warm water. The baby is swaddled in a blanket and slowly lowered into the water. This simulates the baby’s environment in your womb.

We encourage parents and other family members to participate in giving the bath. A nurse will give you information so you can swaddle bathe at home.

What if My Newborn Is Premature or Sick?

If your newborn is premature or sick, he or she may spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Don’t be alarmed. We care for babies who need:

  • Body temperature regulation 
  • Help feeding 
  • Intravenous (IV) support with medication or fluids
  • Extra monitoring
  • Tests and procedures
  • Breathing support

Our NICU specialists include neonatologists (doctors for high-risk newborns), maternal-fetal medicine doctors, and anesthesiologists. We also have access to doctors who specialize in cardiology, gastroenterology, and urology for babies.

When your baby is in the NICU, you can visit 24 hours a day and stay as long as you like. We encourage skin-to-skin contact with your baby in the NICU to improve his or her overall health. When you can’t be there, we’ll call you with updates, or you can call your baby’s NICU nurse

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