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Peanut Balls

Expectant moms want the easiest possible labor that’s also safe.

When you have your baby at Banner Health — especially if you have an epidural — we’ll offer you a peanut ball. This simple, easy-to-use ball is proven to cut down on your pain and speed up your labor.

How Do I Use a Peanut Ball?

Banner Health encourages the use of a peanut-shaped, vinyl exercise ball as a labor tool to help reduce labor pain and speed up the process.

Research conducted by Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix showed that varying a mother’s position and separating her legs during labor widens pelvic diameter, which in turn helps the baby’s rotation and descent during labor. Some of the pain is also lessened as the baby is turned the right way for birth.

The peanut ball is placed between the legs, and some women use it in a semi-sitting position and change their position from side to side at least once every two hours of labor. 
Benefits of using the peanut ball include:

  • A shorter first- and second-stage labor
  • Less chance of needing a cesarean-section delivery

Your labor and delivery nurses will show you how to use the peanut ball. It’s a proven way to help you and your baby go through an easier labor experience.

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