Education & Support

What Should I Know to Keep My Child Healthy?

At Banner Children’s, we don’t just care about kids when they’re getting treated in our hospitals, Banner Health Centers, Banner Health Clinics and more. We care for your child and your entire family with education and support systems designed to help keep your child happy, safe and well.

What Educational & Support Materials Are Available?

We have a number of educational and support options available to your child and family.

We offer more on bullying in our kids health and wellness section. You can also share our special comic books about bullying — Be Strong, Speak UP! and Proud to Be ME — with kids to help them learn more about bullying and how to address it.

If your child has cancer, you may need help to understand all the terms about your child’s diagnosis and treatment. Your child’s pediatric oncologist or other doctors may use some of these terms:

  • Benign: a tumor that is not cancerous but still may need treatment
  • Biological response modifier or immunotherapy: all chemical or biological agents that alter your child’s immune system or change the body’s defense response to cancer
  • Distant: cancer that has spread beyond the organs, tissue and/or lymph nodes in the same area where it started and/or has developed secondary tumors
  • First-course treatment: the first treatment or series of treatments directed at your child’s cancer
  • In situ: a Latin phrase meaning “on site” that describes a tumor meeting all the criteria for malignant cancer except for being invasive
  • Localized: a tumor that appears to be confined to where it started
  • Malignant: tumors that often grow quickly and destroy healthy tissue
  • Metastatic: cancer that spreads to other areas of the body
  • Regional: cancer that has spread to organs, tissue and/or lymph nodes in the same area as where it started and appears to have not spread farther

We offer a variety of classes and support groups specific to your child’s specific condition.

Banner Children’s Injury Prevention program is a free health and safety program that provides information on preventable injuries and deaths for children. Our program sends safety advocates out to visit schools, church and community groups, as well as health fairs and safety fairs to provide you with advice about being safe.

We offer safety information on a variety of topics including: