Pediatric Surgery

The words “Your child needs surgery” can strike fear in any parent’s heart. When your child is sick or hurt and surgery is the best treatment option, you want the best that medicine was to offer — including highly skilled doctors and surgeons who understand kids, know how to help them get better and provide caring, compassionate care.

Banner Children’s offers all of those.

What Surgical Services Are Available for Children?

At Banner Children’s, our pediatric surgeons provide a wide array of surgical services for children ranging from premature newborns to 18-year-old adolescents. From routine outpatient surgeries to more complex inpatient procedures, our highly trained surgeons are experienced in surgeries of every kind and are dedicated to providing the best surgical care possible in a family-friendly manner.

We want your child to get better as quickly, and with as little pain and discomfort, as possible. That’s why our surgeons use both minimally invasive surgical procedures and robot-assisted surgery when they can. These types of surgeries only require tiny incisions, which mean less pain, faster recover time and a shorter hospital stay which will let your child get home and return to regular activities faster.

Who Is on My Child’s Surgical Care Team?

Our pediatric surgical team, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, other pediatric specialists, nurses, child life specialists, are dedicated to providing compassionate care to you and your child throughout the surgical process.

You’re an important part of the team, too, since no one knows your child like you do. Our team will work together with you to ensure they are providing the complete care your child needs to get better.

Family-Focused Care

When your child doesn’t feel well, it can make him or her even more anxious about being away from home. This makes the whole experience harder on everyone. We’re sensitive to the special needs and concerns of kids and parents. That’s why we focus on easing any worries you may have to make your family as comfortable as possible.

It helps to know how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during and after. Playrooms, kid-friendly treatment rooms and food helps, too. We want to let your child be a kid as much as possible while in the hospital.

We’re your partners every step of the way, ready to answer your questions or talk through any concerns you may have. We want to see your child acting their normal, healthy and happy self as much as you do!