Cardiac Rehabilitation

At Banner Health, we offer cardiac rehabilitation programs to help you live a healthier life. Our team of cardiac rehabilitation specialists will work closely with your physician and health care team to develop a personalized exercise and diet program to meet your needs. Before you begin your rehabilitation, you may have questions.

How Will Cardiac Rehab Help Me?

Cardiac rehab can help improve your heart’s performance through exercise, a healthy diet, stress reduction and education.

How Does the Cardiac Rehab Program Work?

Our cardiac rehabilitation program consists of three phases:

Inpatient Program – Phase 1

If you’ve had heart surgery, cardiac rehabilitation may begin in the hospital with low-level, progressive physical activity. You and family members will learn about heart disease. You’ll also learn how to manage your care after discharge from the hospital.

Outpatient Program – Phase 2

The outpatient program provides self-monitoring skills and tools for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll follow monitored exercise sessions three times a week. You and your family will also receive education on diet, exercise and stress management.

Maintenance Program – Phase 3

In this phase, you’ll have the opportunity to build upon the progress you made in Phases 1 and 2. This program can also be beneficial if you’re at risk of developing heart disease but have not yet required surgical intervention.

Phase 3 includes a supervised exercise program and ongoing support to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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