Clinical Trials

Informed Consent Procedure at Banner Health

A patient’s participation in any Banner Health research study is voluntary.

For every study in which a patient participates, they receive a document called "Consent to Participate in a Clinical Research Study" that explains the study in straightforward language. A research team member discusses the protocol with the patient, explains its details, and answers their questions.

It is the patient’s responsibility to understand the protocol. They are encouraged to discuss the protocol with family and friends. They are not hurried into making a decision. They are asked to sign the document only after they understand the nature of the protocol and agree to the commitment.

As further protection, at any time after signing the protocol, a patient is free to change their mind and decide not to participate further. This means that they are free to withdraw from the study completely, or to refuse particular treatments or tests. Sometimes, however, this will make a patient ineligible to continue the study.

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