Grant Application Considerations

Before you decide to pursue funding opportunities, be certain you have the time and desire to dedicate to your proposed project.

  • Is there enough time to prepare a competitive proposal based on a well thought out research hypothesis?
  • Do you have enough time to obtain and complete proposal documents and approvals before the deadline?
  • If the proposal is funded, do you have the time to complete the research and meet the reporting requirements?
  • If the project is hospital-based, is the facility able to provide the allocation of time and resources in order to successfully execute the project? Did the CEO/CFO give approval to apply?
  • Regulatory Compliance – are there regulatory compliance issues, such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB)? If so, do you have time to meet those requirements? IRB information can be found here: Institutional Review Board.
  • Other institutions – if applicable, do you have time to properly engage your collaborators?

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