Preparing for Surgery

How Do I Start to Prepare for My Surgery?

Once you and your doctor decide you need surgery, we will help you take care of the details to prepare for your procedure. We’ll guide you through the process and focus on making it as quick and easy as possible.


Before surgery, you will register with us and provide your contact and insurance information. You can pre-register online at to save time on the day of your surgery. If you can’t pre-register online, call the hospital or surgery center to find out what they require, or plan to complete your registration the day of your surgery.

Pre-Surgery Tests & Health History

Your doctor may require blood work or X-rays before your surgery. You will be advised as to how soon you need to have these completed.

A nurse will contact you within a week of your surgery to review your health history and any medicines you take. You’ll also talk about what you need to do to prepare for surgery and what to expect the day of and after surgery. This is a great time for you to ask questions and talk about any concerns.

What Information Will I Need Before Surgery?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow before surgery. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our pre-surgery checklist will help you keep track of what you need to know and do.

You can also learn more about what to expect on the day of surgery, during recovery and discharge, and how to manage your pain so you can rest and heal.