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Community Health Needs Assessment

In the spirit of Banner Health’s continued commitment to providing excellent patient care, we conducted a thorough, systemwide Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), within established guidelines, for each of our hospitals and health care facilities. The following goals were at the heart of the endeavor:

  • Define the current community programs and services provided by each facility.
  • Assess the total impact of existing programs and services in the community.
  • Identify the current health needs that are not being met by those programs and services and formulate ways to increase access to needed services.
  • Create a plan for future programs and services that will meet the community’s needs.

This focused approach to understanding unmet needs, especially for those within underserved, uninsured and minority populations included a detailed data analysis as well as gathered input from community leaders.

The assessments were then used to determine the significant health care concerns in each community. Those concerns were prioritized and strategies were formulated to help meet those needs.

This community needs assessment process led to Banner Health’s renewed focus on collaboration with governmental, nonprofit and other health-related organizations to ensure that members of our communities will have greater access to crucial health care resources.

Each CHNA report outlines the top-ranked priority issues that need to be addressed in the communities in which the hospitals reside and each hospital will address them as appropriate for its own community. Learn about our Implementation Strategies for 2016.

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