Spinal Fusion: Anterior Lumbar

Fusing vertebrae in the lumbar spine may help ease lower back and leg pain. Anterior lumbar fusion is done through an incision in your stomach area. Depending on how many vertebrae are fused, the surgery may take from 3 to 8 hours.


The fusion procedure

Here is what to expect:

  • An incision is made on one side of your stomach  

  • The disk is removed from between the vertebrae to be fused.

  • A bone, synthetic or metal graft is placed into the now-empty space between the vertebrae. In time, the graft and the bone around it grow into one solid unit.

  • The graft may be held in place with screws or a plate with screws.

  • A drain may be left in the wound for a few days.

  • The incision is closed with sutures or staples.