Did You Take Your Blood Pressure Medicine Today?

When you miss a dose of your blood pressure medicine, you might not notice a difference. But your body does. Skipping your blood pressure medicine can make your blood pressure go up. This can cause damage to your heart and blood vessels.

Taking your medicine at the same time every day will help keep your blood pressure at the right level and will help your heart and blood vessels stay healthy. And knowing when and how to take your medicine will help ensure that it’s working the way it should be. Here are some tips for taking your blood pressure medicine:

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist what time of day to take your medicine and whether you should take it with food.

  • Consider setting a medication alert on your phone or computer.

  • Keep your medicine with something you use every day — such as your toothbrush, coffee mug or computer — to remind you to take it.

  • Put a reminder note in a place you sit or on a door you open every day 

  • Buy a pillbox that has a compartment for each day’s pills.

  • Don’t forget refills. Every time you refill your medicine, mark a note on your calendar to remind you to pick up the next refill.

  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist what to do if you miss a dose of your medicine.

  • Never stop taking your medicine without talking with your doctor first. If your blood pressure readings are going down, it's because your medicine is working.