Health Tip: Disaster Preparedness For People With Alzheimer's

(HealthDay News) -- Severe weather, an earthquake, a fire or flood all present unique challenges for people with Alzheimer's disease.

Their impaired memory and reasoning severely limits their ability to act appropriately during a crisis, the National Institute on Aging says.

If you are preparing an emergency kit for someone who has Alzheimer's, the agency suggests including:

  • Incontinence undergarments, wipes and lotions.

  • A pillow, toy or something the person can hold.

  • Favorite snacks and nutritious drinks.

  • Their doctor's name, address and phone number.

  • Legal, medical, insurance and Social Security information.

  • Sealable plastic bags to hold medication and documents.

  • Recent photos of the person.

  • Proper clothing for the time of year, and sturdy shoes.

  • If applicable, spare eyeglasses and hearing-aid batteries.

  • Medications.

  • Flashlight and extra batteries.