Career Transition

How the Career Transition Program Works

Step 1 Contact the Career Transition Program (CTP) line within 2 business days of entering the CTP at 602-747-4023 to schedule your CTP Orientation. Please Note: This is a message line only. Messages will be returned within one business day.

Step 2 Attend a CTP Orientation. The CTP Orientation is mandatory and will provide you with details about the resources available to you while in the CTP program and your responsibilities during this transition assistance period. You may bring your Employee Information Pamphlet with you if you have questions. In the meantime, we hope this general information will be helpful to you.

Step 3 Create/Update your profile and employment application located on the Banner Health Careers website. Update your resume and upload it to this site.

Step 4 While you are in the CTP we encourage you to actively search for a job and keep a Jobs Search Log to help you track your efforts.

Step 5 Banner Health has partnered with local agencies that offer expert assistance in the areas of resume writing, interview preparation and job search consultation. You may be referred to one of these experts for help in particular areas if needed/desired.

Pay and Benefits

Your current base salary and benefits will remain unchanged while you are in the CTP. You will not need to punch in or out; Banner will manage your time card for you. You will be paid available PTO on any holidays that fall within your work schedule.

Job Offers

You are responsible for notifying your Career Services Staff of any job offers you receive. Your packet provides more detailed guidelines on accepting or rejecting job offers.

Computer Access

All IT privileges including computer, e-mail, VPN access and phone syncing services will be canceled the day of your notification. You will still be able to access Employee/Manager Self-Service (EMSS), BLC (Banner Learning Center) and Internal Job Search.

Returning Your Waiver and Release

To participate in CTP you must sign and return the FULL WAIVER AND RELEASE document found in the CTP Employee Information Pamphlet you received during CTP notification. ALL pages of this document must be received within the designated time frame.

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