Managers and Preceptors

Welcome Esteemed Banner Mentors!

Should you have any questions about the student coordination process do not hesitate to contact your facility student coordinator.

What skills should nursing students be developing while on rotation?
Visit the nursing student skills page to learn more about what students should be learning while on rotation.

The policies regarding student experiences can be accessed from any onsite computer by visiting the "policy & Procedure link" located in the right hand navigator bar: Student Experience, HIPPA: Observers, Nursing Faculty: Access to Pyxis.

When things go wrong:

  • For any incidents involving a student such as: Medical emergencies, onsite injury, exposures, please obtain or direct student to obtain appropriate medical care. In addition, complete a student incident report.
  • For suspected impairment: Escort student to Occupational Health to provide a "for-cause" UA sample. In addition you will need to complete a student incident report.
  • For concerns related to student behaviors/competency: First attempt to resolve the issue by "coaching" the student to more desirable behavior. Clinical educators are an excellent resource for teaching methods and helpful hints. If improvements are not experienced, the next step is to contact your facility student coordinator.