New Provider Orientation

Provider Orientation & Resources

Welcome to Banner Health. As a new provider, you must complete the required orientation to practice at our hospitals. Please review the provider orientation and resources, which includes key information for you to become familiar with Banner Health. Along with the information below, from here you can also link to: 

If you are already on staff at a Banner hospital and have completed the online Banner system orientation, you still need to access the Facility Resources link above for the hospital to which you are applying in order to review medical staff bylaws, rules, regulations and policies.

You will then need to complete the attestation form below indicating your compliance with this request. This will fulfill the orientation requirement for the Banner facility to which you are applying.

Please acknowledge your participation to receive your completion certificate.

Welcome to Banner Health

Thank you for your interest in applying for medical staff membership at one or more Banner Health facilities. Banner Health has developed a mandatory online medical staff orientation program which will introduce you to the Banner organization and the facilities to which you have applied for medical staff membership and privileges. The program is both comprehensive and convenient. During this orientation you will receive information regarding the following:

  1. Regulatory and accreditation requirements
  2. Banner Health mission, vision, values, brand, behaviors
  3. Banner Health Facility-Specific Information
  4. Strategic Initiatives and Clinical Practices
  5. Additional information related to Medical Staff Leadership, Links to Community Resources, Grand Rounds, and other valuable information

Please use this site to complete the online portion of this mandatory orientation. Once you complete the online orientation, you will receive an auto-generated “Certificate of Completion.” By completing the online evaluation form, you will be eligible for Category II ACCME and 1-B AOA CME credits.

After completion of your online orientation, you will be contacted by the Banner facilities where you have applied for membership, regarding your interest in a facility tour and/or facility-specific introductions.

Please note that new medical staff applicants will be required to complete this mandatory online orientation prior to exercising privileges at a Banner facility.

Welcome to Banner Health.

John Hensing, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Banner Health


Just Culture - Physician Peer Review

What is Just Culture?

Health care is a complex business. Bedside care providers must tend to the safety, dignity, privacy, comfort and medical needs of patients -- all within an ever-changing environment of care. To take the next steps, Banner Health is focusing on patient safety by creating an open and just and learning environment by using Just Culture principles. Just Culture principles align with our Mission, Vision, Values and Core Behaviors by:

  • Proactively managing risks and behavioral choices while ensuring accountability
  • Designing safe systems
  • Responding in a fair and consistent manner to adverse events and the people who are involved in them
  • Learning through transparent dialogue about risks and safety expectations.

You can learn more about Just Culture - Physician Peer Review in the PDF document below. Please note you must be connected to the Employee website either while on campus or via VPN to view some of the links in the document. 

 Just Culture Medical Staff and Peer Review Links


Strategic Clinical Initiatives, Policies and Practices

As part of the clinical team at a Banner Health facility, all providers are expected to support and comply with established clinical initiatives, policies and practices.

Learn more by visiting the Banner Health employee website. Click on Departments, then choose Policies & Procedures Resource Center. Click on Policy ad Procedure Database to view all policies and procedures or to search for something specific. Please note you must be logged into the Banner Health System or via VPN to view the employee website. 

You can view brief summaries of the System policies here but are encouraged to visit the employee website for the most up-to-date and complete versions of the policies.

Why Banner Health?

Why should you want to work for Banner Health? You want a great place to live and a dedicated group of co-workers. With facilities across the West, there is something for everyone - from the bustling urban medical center to the friendly small-town hospital. As one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the country, Banner health has both the stability that comes with success and the values your can be proud to represent. 

Learn more about Banner Health careers and your Banner Health journey.

Code of Conduct

Banner’s reputation is one of our most important assets. Banner’s reputation is directly affected by the individual and collective conduct of our employees and affiliated stakeholders. Therefore, all employees, regardless of position, have responsibility for ensuring the integrity of the entire organization.

As part of our commitment to integrity, we have adopted policies to protect against unlawful activity. We maintain high ethical standards and uses our best efforts to comply with both the letter and spirit of all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and ordinances.

Banner also has a designated Compliance Officer in each facility and provides employees with a ComplyLine to report suspected illegal or unethical behavior, non-compliance with regulations and/or policies, and safety violations.  Please refer to Policy #12648 for additional information. 

Employees are encouraged to contact their facility Compliance Officer or call the ComplyLine at 1(888)747-7989 to report concerns or activity. Employees can call on an anonymous basis, and the ComplyLine is designed to maintain strict confidentiality and protect the identity of the caller. All concerns will be promptly addressed with professionalism, care, and respect. For details visit the Ethics and Compliance section of the Employee website.

Patient Transition Tips

These tips are provided to help you identify services with special conditions, so you can provide your patients with the correct information.

Patient Transition Tip Sheet