Fellows & Residents

Each fellow is expected to help enhance the surgical and educational experience of residents by guiding their reading and learning and instructing residents in advanced surgical skills applicable to hand, upper extremity, and microvascular surgery. In addition, the fellowship program brings unique, higher educational events, such as the Dual Visiting Professorship, to the residency that otherwise the residents would not benefit from.

In the clinic on the Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix rotations, three attending surgeons will share their office space with two fellows and one resident, so occasionally the resident may be in the same clinic as the fellow, but it will be uncommon. Given this faculty:learner ratio, and the high volume of patients in each clinic, neither the fellow nor the resident will have their clinical experience diluted.

On the non-Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix rotations, residents will not be present in the clinic and will not be potentially competing for educational opportunities.

In the operative suites at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, one resident will rotate with up to three attending hand surgeons. Every effort will be made to minimize “double-scrubbing” for the majority of cases, except for the most complex/unique cases.