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Be The Hero With These Fun And Healthy Lunch Ideas

When you send your child off to school with a packed lunch, you have to trust they will make the right choice and eat the lunch you pack when it comes time to eating. But, these healthy lunch ideas can help make it a little easier for your child to choose wisely.

Most children don’t want to eat healthy—especially when surrounded by their peers that might be eating more eye-pleasing lunches. The secret to creating a healthy lunch for your child they will actually eat is making it look appetizing. This might require some Houdini work when it comes to storing nutritional value in their afternoon meal, but it’s worth it.

Making a lunch for your child that is both nutritionally beneficial and fun for them is a great recipe for an awesome lunch. Here are some healthy lunch ideas you can add to your child's lunch.

Healthy lunch ideas for your children:

  • Trail Mix – Let your child pick out from selected ingredients. This could be an array of nuts, organic cereal bits, dark chocolate, raisins and/or other dried fruits. This will make them excited to try what they have created.
  • Different Shaped Sandwiches – Cutting sandwiches into shapes such as hearts, stars, and/or circles gives an illusion of a grandly delicious meal. Their favorite meal will pale in comparison to a star shaped tomato, lettuce, cheese and hummus sandwich served on wheat bread.
  • Mixed Vegetables with a Side – Low-fat yogurt can add to the taste of plain, raw vegetables, creating a flavorful mix between the two.

Most American children are eating high-calorie snacks in their lunches that don’t offer much nutrition, but making these easy healthy meals help them add to their daily nutrient requirements they could be missing. These lunches can be fun for both you and your kids! You’ll send them off knowing they are ready to take on the day fueled with a healthy lunch.

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