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Have S’more Fun Camping With These Safety Tips

Fall is here and with the season brings a new set of cozy activities. Whether you’re roasting s’mores or telling scary stories, you can use these tips by Rebecca Garber, family nurse practitioner and acute and reconstructive burn care nurse practitioner at Banner Health Clinic and Western States Burn Center, to stay safe around the campfire.

  1. Create a border of large rocks around the fire pit before you start the fire. Not only will this help contain the campfire, but it creates a safety barrier for kids.
  2. Wear fitted clothing that is snug around the body. Free-flowing and loose clothing, especially acrylic, cotton blend and rayon fabric, can burn rapidly.
  3. Keep water nearby. This standard practice allows you to easily cool down coals and douse flames after your campfire is over. Additionally, if an accident were to occur, having water nearby allows you to quickly douse flames.
  4. Use caution when consuming alcohol or substances around a campfire. Your reflexes become much slower, and you can become clumsy, which can easily result in a fall into the fire. 
  5. Never pour fuel onto an active fire. Fuel can quickly turn into a ball of fire and travel up the stream of the container of fuel, creating an explosion. 
  6. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Campfires are a time of relaxation, fun and bonding. You should never try to “poke” the fire for fun, throw objects into the fire to “see what happens” or even jump over the fire. 

Don’t let a burn ruin a fun, fall season. If you or a loved one becomes hurt in a campfire, seek immediate medical attention. To learn more, check out Banner Health burn services.

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