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The Thanksgiving Dinner Do's And Don'ts

When you think about Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is food! With the abundance of decadent, unhealthy foods and desserts, it can be very difficult to keep your waistline in check. Registered Dietitian Natalie Verderame has the do’s and don’ts for the holiday season.

Do: Exercise

Stay or become active. Find a type of physical activity you enjoy. Start or increase your exercise routine leading up to Thanksgiving and remain active through the holiday season. Consider including a family walk or spending time at a local park as part of your Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t: Skip Breakfast

If you are sitting down to a meal with an empty stomach, your chances of overeating are significantly increased. A small meal in the morning will help curb your appetite and help control your portions and how often you eat during the rest of the day.

Do: Eat slowly

With so many delicious options, it is easy to dig in fast and furiously. Resist the urge. Savoring your food by eating slowly allows you to feel full and enjoy your food. Result? Fewer calories in.

Don’t: Drink too much

Alcohol has calories too, and can impair your judgment when it comes to going back for seconds, or thirds. Remember to drink water. It will keep you hydrated and can help limit your alcohol consumption.

Do: Watch your portions

Keeping your portions small and reasonably healthy lets you to sample more of the foods you love. Make sure to include some heart-healthy vegetable side dishes.

Don’t: Forget what the holiday is about.

The holiday is not just about the food. It is about being thankful for what you have and enjoying time with your friends and family.

So even though mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are my favorite part of the holiday meal, I will be taking Verderame’s advice this year and not be going back for seconds!

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