High Heel Horrors


As a young woman in the corporate workforce I often feel the need to wear high heels in order to look put-together and professional. Unfortunately in the short time since I’ve entered the workforce my high heel wearing habits have seemed to already wreak havoc on my feet and heels. In my search for relief I’ve found these five tips to keep those dogs from barking:

  1. Wear lower heels. The pain from high heels is caused from abnormal distribution of weight which can lead to hammer-toes, bunions and blisters.
  2. Look for round toe shoes to give your toes more wiggle room.
  3. Limit the time and amount of walking you do in heels.
  4. Always get your feet measured before buying a new pair of heels. The ligaments in your feet stretch over time, affecting the length and width of your feet, and there’s nothing more painful than heels that don’t fit right!
  5. Buy some cute and comfortable flats! Seriously, there are tons of office appropriate flats out there.
If you are currently experiencing pain in your feet here are some options to help relieve the pain. If you are having serious problems and these tips don’t help, consult your primary care physician!

Hammer toes: Apply a toe pad over the middle joint of the toe that is poking out, wear shoes that will not aggravate the affected toe.

Foot misalignments: Insert a rubber pad in the shoe below the misaligned bone. Take acetaminophen/ibuprofen for pain.

Bunions: Wear comfortable and well-fitting footwear, apply pads to the affected area, acetaminiphen/ibuprofen for pain. Consider surgical options if pain persists or if you are running out of shoes to wear that don’t hurt!

Heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis: Rest, Ice packs, proper footwear or shoe inserts.

For more information on how to keep happy, healthy feet visit Find a Physician.

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