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The juicing craze finally hit my house last week.

From a plethora of Pinterest posts about juicing, to friends carrying around murky, multi-colored liquids in mason jars, I’ve seen it everywhere but have been reluctant to join the trend. Juicing looks like a lot of work – and produce – while the health benefits remain undefined.

But my husband and I gave it a whirl and it tasted pretty good though I still remained curious. I contacted Janae Richey, RD, a Dietitian at Cardon Children’s Medical Center, to see if she thought juicing was really worth its weight in kale.

“If you’re not getting any fruits or vegetables in your diet and juicing is the only way you can get them, then it’s a good option,” Richey said.

“The benefits aren’t as great as just eating whole fruits and vegetables but you can still get many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

Juicing takes out the fiber and antioxidants are frequently attached to fiber. Juicing leaves the antioxidants with the fiber instead of in your juice.

“Fiber has also been shown to help maintain a healthy weight, maintain normal bowel function and may reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease,” Richey said.

When you do shop for fruits and vegetables to juice, color is key – buy a rainbow. Richey also recommends including more vegetables than fruit to avoid getting too much sugar.

“If you’re juicing several fruits in one drink, then you’re getting the calories from all of those fruits in one condensed version,” she said. “I would suggest all vegetables and only one fruit to get the least amount of calories and have it still taste good.”

While I may still juice from time-to-time, I’m glad to know that it’s just a quick way to boost your fresh fruit and vegetable intake, and that I’m not missing out on anything amazing for my health and wellbeing. So I will raise a glass (of juice) to you, dear readers, and cheers to our health, but remember, eat your veggies too!

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