Invisible rattlesnakes


Most places have their fair share of creepy-crawlies, but the Southwest part of the United States seems to have an abundance of them. For example, while the rattlesnake is found in almost every part of the United States, they are more common in the Southwest. In this infographic, we take a look at some surprising rattlesnake facts and figures that come with living so close to rattlesnakes.



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  • Megan says:
    How can I get information on Bites and Stings and a magnet.
  • Carole Johnson says:
    Being an Arizona native and having a very wise grandmother teach desert safety, I will share her wonderful advice that has kept me safe for my 64 years on this planet.
    NEVER put your hands or feet where you can not see, like the shade of a bush.
    If out in the desert, ALWAYS make noise. You may miss seeing some of the wildlife, but the snakes will also avoid you. 
    If you do see a snake, run away. Run very fast away from the snake. Do not try to catch it or play with it.
  • bill rose says:
    Thanks for the reminder regarding the young Rattlesnakes...
  • Mark says:
    I work, often solo, in the desert, and have had numerous encounters with rattlesnakes, but none of them ever struck. Common sense and a healthy respect for all of the creatures and plants are the keys to surviving and enjoying being out in Nature.
  • stephen says:
    note: if rattlesnakes live in green grass, they will turn green to blend in with their environment and they are VERY VERY hard to see in long grass
  • Helen Burda says:
    Thank you very much for this info...I am a snake phobic & am always looking around bushes, etc.  for them...I didn't realize the baby rattlers don't rattle, so
    I will be VERY diligent from now on.
  • Edee says:
    I'm fifty-seven years old and was bitten by a baby rattler when I was eight.  As stated above, it never made a noise.  It had blended in the sandy "sparkly" sand in a rural cemetery.  I still have the fang marks on my shin.
  • phil webster says:
    the worst time for rattlers is sun down right after a rain storm- its cooler and they are on the move.
    make sure you are not having a mice problem around your house because of stored livestock feed
    or any other feed that will bring on the mice.

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