Surprising ways diabetes damages your health


Most people know how bad diabetes can be for them. However, many may not know all of the ways the devastating disease can affect their bodies. Our infographic shows you some of the surprising diabetes effects—some you may not even know about.


Infographic: The Effects of Diabetes

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  • Martha Slowik says:
    This on diabetes is good. More warnings about problems like other physical and mental deteriorating conditions especially for aging seniors would be welcome.
  • Joy says:
    Dr. Holland in Gilbert is retired
  • Shirley says:
    Great information
  • Fay says:
    What problems can you get in your feet if you have Diabetes?
    Thank you so very much.
  • Alfred R. (Ron) Tossell says:
    Excellent material is provided in this newsletter.  One item which can be provided, to assist individuals in locating applicable medical laboratories for giving blood, getting blood tests, MRI's, CTs, etc and any specific affiliations that exist between labs and insurance providers would be helpful.  Managing to locate a laboratory just before it ends its shift/working hours, can be very frustrating when its found out that laboratory doesn't provide services to one's particular health insurance provider or specific medical facilities.
    There should be a link at least to various websites where these laboratories are located and their particular, specific affiliations.
    There should also be a list of physician or medical facility websites where one can access the individual's medical records.  Also, in this day and age, one's medical record should be accessed by any and all medical practitioners providing services to that individual, to be able to quickly correlate one's prescriptions, operations/procedures among all the interested providers of those services.

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