Do you know how to spot skin cancer?



Taking care of your skin is an important task and one you should take seriously. Part of that is keeping an eye on moles and spots you may have and any new ones that develop. Do you know when a spot could mean trouble? This infographic will show you what to look for when you hunt for melanoma and skin cancer. Remember, if something doesn’t look right, consult your doctor or get a skin cancer evaluation as soon as possible. 


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  • Tiffany Locke says:
    Thanks for explaining the various signs of skin cancer and how it's important to keep track of any moles or spots you have to determine if there's a problem. As soon as you notice one that could be problematic, you'd probably want to visit a doctor that specializes in skin cancer as soon as possible. This could help you get the spots or moles checked so that they can help you figure out if there's an issue and what to do in order to get treated so you can prevent it from getting worse.
  • Taylor Anderson says:
    I knew how to check moles for cancer, but I had no idea that a red lump could be an indication of cancer. How can you tell that the red lump isn't acne? Thanks for the helpful information of how to check skin cancer.
  • Millie Hue says:
    I never knew that skin cancer can even develop even if the body part is not exposed to the sun that much. I will share this information with my sister since she has been worried about the spots she is getting on her back. She never wears a bikini or backless dresses ever, so we are both thinking about what could be the cause. She should see a dermatologist.

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