Urgent care, emergency room or doctor's office?

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  • Michael Allen says:
    I am VA do you bill them
  • michaela hemsley says:
    Thanks for pointing out that urgent care can help if you have an ear infection, fever, or a respiratory infection. My son has been saying that his eats hurt lately and I think that he might have an ear infection because he's had a couple in the past. I think that it would be smart to take him to a walk-in clinic so that he can get treated quickly and so that I don't have to pay for an emergency room treatment.
  • Carol anelson says:
    I wish more people would read the article on when to use Urgent Care. The wait at the ER, would not be as long , if  parents would bring their  kids with ear infections and colds and bad coughs to the urgent care.  But of course, they get it free at the ER, and not at the Urgent Care. Time for universal health care I think.
  • Vivian Black says:
    I love how you talked about taking into account wait time and how long it will take to get through each type. My husband hurt his finger when we were grocery shopping and it seems pretty bad, so we are looking for tips on where to go that's best for our situation. We will keep these tips in mind when choosing a professional.
  • Urgent care near me says:
    When you are dealing with health issues, it is a big concern that where to go for the treatments. People might get confused regarding whether emergency room or urgent care centers should given importance. All of them provides their own benefits. Thanks.

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