Inspire Me

Three Women, Three Final Treatments, Three Survivors

Ring this bell three times well.

Its toll to clearly say.

My treatment’s done,

This course is run,

And I am on my way!

Three women. Three final treatments. Three survivors.

Here are the inspiring stories of three breast cancer survivors, each of whom celebrated their final radiation treatments in the past year at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. While they each have a unique story of their journey with breast cancer, they all share the same sentiment: You can beat it, too.

Cindy Dach felt like she was finally getting back to having a sense of control as it seemed the pandemic was slowing down. That all changed when she faced her breast cancer diagnosis in September 2020. But after nearly a year of treatment, Dach is now in remission and optimistic about the possibility that many other women like her can also achieve the same outcome. Here is her story.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for everyone, it was especially hard for Shellyn Edley. Edley was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, shortly after her husband passed away. This made things especially difficult, along with the fact that her mother died from breast cancer when she was a teenager. Thankfully, Edley caught her breast cancer early by not delaying her routine mammogram — one of the most critical preventive actions to take when it comes to the disease. Here is her story.

Jean Zeidler was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that typically occurs in the neck or the head, but her cancer was found in the breast. Zeidler, who finished her treatment in September, cited her passion for pottery as one the main things that helped her get through the arduous weeks of treatment. While she’s happy it’s over, she said she doesn’t want to forget this important experience of her life anytime soon. Here is her story.

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