What to Do

Before you visit Cardon Children's Medical Center, here are several activities for you to print out and share with your child.

  • Patient Bracelet: Let your child design a hospital bracelet for a special doll or stuffed animal
  • Countdown Rings: Have your child use these rings to help make a countdown chain after your visit to Cardon Children's Medical Center
  • Scavenger Hunt: Here is a list of items for your child to hunt for when arriving at Cardon Children's Medical Center
  • Autograph Book: Print out this mini-book, and collect the autographs of doctors and other caregivers
  • Coloring Book: Color these pictures, and take it along to decorate your child's room at the medical center
  • My Cardon Children’s Story: Have your child color the pictures and write (or have someone write for them) about the people they met, the things they experienced and the way they got better while at the Cardon Children's Medical Center