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Medicare Webinar Sessions

We will use this time to review your benefit changes for the upcoming year and answer all your questions. 

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You know us for our health care. Now meet our Medicare Advantage plan.

You’ll get both quality health care and comprehensive insurance coverage in a single plan – including prescription drug coverage – making it easier for you to stay healthy. All from a trusted neighbor.

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$0 Cost Benefits

Get more coverage than Original Medicare, with an HMO or PPO plan to choose from – including $0 or low monthly premiums, $0 deductibles and $0 copays when in network. 

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Prescription Drugs

Our Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan includes a formulary of thousands of commonly used generic and prescription drugs, a $0 tier copay and a mail order option.

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Broad Access

You’ll have 5,000+ providers to choose from – with no referral needed for a specialist when in network – plus, access to hundreds of clinics and labs, 16 hospitals and 3 renowned academic medical centers.

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Why Banner Medicare Advantage?

Banner Health, the largest health care provider in Arizona, has been helping Arizonans stay healthy for over 20 years. And now, we’re making it easier for those on Medicare to stay healthy so life can be better.

Banner Medicare Advantage provides added benefits and services above the coverage you get with just Original Medicare. Discover the free supplemental benefits and low cost extras we offer all designed to help you feel your best.