Get Ready to Use Your Medicare Benefits

Once you are finally enrolled in Medicare, it is time to make the most of your health care coverage.

There are benefits you can take advantage of right away. This information will get you started. 

Review Your Welcome to Medicare Package and New Member Materials

You will get a Welcome to Medicare package in the mail from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) about two weeks after you enroll in Medicare. It will include your red, white and blue Medicare card. 

If you enroll in other health care coverage options, like Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, your plan will send you new member materials in the mail. You will also receive an insurance card from your plan. 

Set Up Your Health Care Portals

Create accounts at and your health care plan’s online member portal so you have access to all of your health care information.

Pick a Primary Care Physician (PCP)

Your PCP is the doctor you will see for most of your health care needs. Establishing a relationship with a PCP helps them to provide you with better care. It also helps them to coordinate your care with all of your other physicians. Being an established patient can also reduce wait times to get appointments. 

If you don’t have a PCP, now is a great time to find one. 

Are You a Banner Medicare Member? Search Banner Medicare’s Provider Directory.

Schedule Your Welcome to Medicare Visit

The Welcome to Medicare Visit is an appointment with your PCP. Your PCP will perform a wellness exam and create a personalized plan for your health, including preventive health recommendations. This one-time visit is completely covered by Medicare. 

Schedule your Welcome to Medicare Visit in the first year that you are enrolled in Medicare. After the first year, you will get an Annual Wellness Visit to be sure your health stays on track. 

Prepare to Use Your Medicare Benefits

When you go to your medical appointments, bring your red, white and blue Medicare card, your insurance card and personal identification like a drivers’s license or state ID. Let your providers know that you have new insurance coverage. This will help make sure your medical claims are handled correctly. 

Set Up Mail-Order Prescriptions

If you prefer to get your prescriptions in the mail, set up your prescriptions with your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan’s mail-order pharmacy. 

Familiarize Yourself with Your Extra Benefits

Most Medicare Advantage plans offer extra benefits, like gym memberships, over-the-counter medication benefits and transportation assistance. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, be sure to check your plan materials to get the details on your extra benefits so you can start taking advantage of them right away.

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