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Banner Health statement regarding pause of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

PHOENIX (April 13, 2021) - Today, the FDA and CDC recommended pausing the administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine out of an abundance of caution. Tomorrow, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will review 6 reported U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals after receiving the vaccine. They will provide their findings and recommendations to the FDA which will also conduct its own review. Based on the outcomes of these reviews, the FDA and CDC will provide guidance to the health care provider community. At that time, we will learn more about these potential adverse events and how to plan for the unique treatment that is required with this type of blood clot. 

It is important to note that instances of these blood clots are very rare; only 1 in more than a million are affected. In addition, while side effects may occur from any vaccination, it is still strongly advised that people continue to receive vaccines. Health care providers spend a great deal of time preparing for the very rare possibility of severe reactions to vaccines, and are ready to respond to those events if or when they occur. 

At this time, we have paused administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pending reviews by the FDA and CDC. We will wait for their guidance on how to continue safely administering this vaccine while being prepared for instances of this rare blood clot.

We still strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible get vaccinated against COVID-19 with one of the vaccines that is currently approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization. Vaccination is our way out of this pandemic and will allow us to safely return to a more normal way of living.
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